Chains of Love's Nathalia Pizarro Launches Loose Recordings

Chains of Love's Nathalia Pizarro Launches Loose Recordings
Chains of Love singer Nathalia Pizarro may be gearing up for the release of her band's Misery Makers LP, which Manimal Vinyl will deliver sometime next spring, but the Vancouver musician is also set to launch her own record label, Loose Recordings.

The singer recently announced her new business, which is a subsidiary of Manimal and will be distributed by Frenchkiss. According to Pizarro, she had wanted to found an imprint for quite some time before officially starting up Loose Recordings, recently revealing to Exclaim! that "the idea of loose was something I've been dreaming about for many years."

Loose Recordings' newly launched website revealed plans for two upcoming 7-inch releases. First up is a pressing of Florida garage crew Jensen Serf Company's Electric Sister 7-inch, which was also recently delivered through Daddy Kool Records. Also arriving with the Loose Recordings seal of approval will be a vinyl version of UK unit the Black Tambourines' 2011's EP Chica, which had previously been issued on cassette via Art is Hard. (The Black Tambourines are not to be confused with the veteran indie pop act of a very similar name.) Both slabs of wax are set to drop January 15.

Pizarro added that Loose Recordings is another extension of Chains of Love's resourcefulness (the band record their own work at guitarist Felix Fung's Little Red Sounds studio in East Vancouver). It's unclear at this point whether Misery Makers will feature the Loose Recordings logo, as well as that of primary hub Manimal, but the band are apparently aiming for independence further down the line.

"I think it would be ideal to have our own label, and our own vector where everything is in-house," Pizarro said. "Old school: produced in-house, recorded in-house, put out in-house. Everything is just done by us, under our own imprint."