Chains of Love "Enough for Tonight" (video)

Chains of Love 'Enough for Tonight' (video)
Soul-slinging Vancouver combo Chains of Love are giving us much too close a peak into singer Nathalia Pizarro's at-home activity in the voyeuristic new vid for "Enough for Tonight."

The video first finds Pizarro tossing and turning in bed, but she soon gives up on the rest session to deliver a go-go dance a couple rooms over. It turns out she's not alone, though, with a series of creepers lurking in the shadows to get an eyeful of her activity. There are a few other WTF moments in there too, with Pizarro herself accidentally crashing someone's party.

You can teach all those guys a lesson by spying on the peeping toms via the player down below, where you also get the added bonus of hearing a new Chains of Love song in the process.