Chains of Love "He's Leaving with Me" (video)

Chains of Love 'He's Leaving with Me' (video)
Vancouver's Chains of Love specialize in retro pop toeing the line between the Spector girl groups and old-school soul. Call us crazy, but we didn't expect the sunny-sounding group's "He's Leaving with Me" video to be so damn creepy.

The Scott Cudmore-directed clip has singer Nathalia Pizarro and guitarist/vocalist Rebecca Marie Law Gray uncomfortably cooped up in an old motel room with the sinister proprietor and his private dancer. The Chains' musicians then wander around the facility and uncover some surveillance equipment, and gaze at the screens that create a never-ending loop of their life. It's kind of heady.

"In a vague and indirect way, it's sort of a music video about music videos. You could see the motel guy as being like the director, or creator," Cudmore recently told IFC of the meta clip, making it kind of a condensed version of Cabin in the Woods.

As previously reported, Chains of Love are touring this July with the Detroit Cobras, and you can check those dates here.