Chains of Love "Breaking My Heart"

Chains of Love 'Breaking My Heart'
Vancouver's Chains of Love have earned plenty of buzz this year with their retro-minded take on indie pop and garage soul. Now, they're getting ready to cap off their successful 2011 campaign with another seven-inch single, which will come out on December 13 via Dine Alone Records/Manimal Vinyl. If you're curious about the release, we have one of the songs from that single, "Breaking My Heart."

This track finds the group moving away from sock-hopping pop in favour of a more heady, psychedelic sound. With a cyclical spy riff and a generous dose of reverb, it gives singer Nathalia Pizarro a chance to show off her big-voiced wail.

Look for Chains of Love to drop their debut EP in early 2012 via Dine Alone. In the meantime, stream and/or download "Breaking My Heart" below.

Chains of Love - Breaking My Heart by Exclaim!