Chad VanGaalen Fuses Photos, Sketches and Super 8 Film in His "Starlight" Video

The single is a "celebration of our cosmic origins"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 19, 2021

Chad VanGaalen's new album World's Most Stressed Out Gardener is officially out in the world today, and he's shared a new video for "Starlight" to mark the occasion. 

To create the clip for "Starlight," which you can view below, VanGaalen fused old Super 8 footage of his family from the '50s and '60s, circular photos that were taken in his studio, and spur of the moment sketches, editing his colourful creations together to morph on the downbeat.

"I started by re-filming some old footage of my fam in places like Banff and Sylvan Lake. I combined that with photos of anything circular in my studio," VanGaalen shared of his process. "After that, I started to panic, and sat down and drew whatever came to my burned out mind hole overtop of those backgrounds. A lot of fruit. A lot of Lamborghini Countach. I have a button on my computer that morphs the drawings together. It's very satisfying and trippy. Go out into nature instead of watching the video."

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This week, VanGaalen covered Leonard Cohen for a covers series in tribute to the Canadian icon.


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