CFCF Announces 'Outside' LP

CFCF Announces 'Outside' LP
CFCF (a.k.a. Michael Silver) issued his Music for Objects EP just last month, but the Montreal electronic artist is primed to hit big this fall with his first proper album in four years: Outside. Paper Bag puts the product in store October 22.

A press release notes that despite CFCF's recent EP work like Music for Objects and last year's Exercises, Outside is the proper follow-up to 2009's Continent.

Apparently many of the tracks were conceived and composed on the road and deal with Silver's "fascination with the inherent beauty of new environments." First single "Jump out of the Train," which you can hear down below, is a hazy synth-strings-and-voice piece described as detailing "a fear of the unknown, the wildness of nature, the claustrophobia of cities-an obsession with the way our emotions play off the environments we inhabit."

Elsewhere on the LP, the soundscapist uses "artificial choirs," live drums and electric guitar to convey his message. On top the CFCF originals, Outside also features a cover of Bonnie "Prince" Billy's "Strange Form of Life." You'll find the rest of the tracklisting details down below.


1.Beyond Light

2. Jump Out Of The Train

3. Strange Form Of Life

4. Find

5. This Breath

6. Feeling, Holding

7. The Forest At Night

8. Transcend

9. The Crossing

10. Walking In The Dust