A Certain Ratio

Mind Made Up

BY Michael EdwardsPublished Aug 3, 2010

There's something very gratifying about a band that have continued to make music throughout a long career without catering to anyone. And that's exactly what A Certain Ratio have done since their debut appeared on Factory Records back in 1979; they've shifted from their post-punk roots to a glorious celebration of funk and rhythm that's been hugely influential on the likes of LCD Soundsystem. Mind Made Up (originally released in 2008, but very hard to find, at the time) is both a natural progression of the band's sound and a return to their roots. Considering it's their 15th album, it isn't a surprise that they retread a little old ground, but it sounds remarkably fresh. It helps that the whole thing was recorded pretty much live after minimal rehearsals and this is a band that know each other inside and out after all this time. Mind Made Up is another solid and funky album from A Certain Ratio, which hits the mark more than it misses. Chances are they will keep doing it for another couple of decades as well.

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