Ceremonial Snips Fuck the Pain, Bring the Noise

Admittedly, their name hints at some sort of inside joke involving 15 year olds and their newly discovered "members” but the Snips’ brand of punk rock party tunes dispel all notions of musical teenage libido. The is an inescapable ska sensibility inherent in punk with horns but the two trumpets and a trombone leave out the reggae, playing parts reminiscent of Less Than Jake. The vibrant horn lines capture attention and when layered over fast punk rock beats and the occasional tremolo part, combined with these different approaches to form an aggressive but upbeat punk album. To keep the furious pace there are even a few metal moments, most notably the Darkest Hour riff in "Paint It Black Then Feed The Fire.” They utilise two singers, the first vocalist with a really tough sounding punk voice, while the second’s merit is debatable. The music is simply built, giving it the endearing qualities of a traditional structure. "Fuck With The Rose" is a definitive party anthem and overall, it's haul-ass, feel-good punk with a tune that’s hard to forget. (Independent)