Cerebral Ballzy "City's Girl" (video)

Cerebral Ballzy 'City's Girl' (video)
With Cerebral Ballzy's sophomore LP Jaded and Faded expected to arrive later this year on Cult Records, the New York hardcore crew are giving us a glimpse of what's to come via a video for new tune "City's Girl."

While the band are seen lounging throughout the vid, the focus is put on who we assume is the city girl in question as she walks around the street, twirls around atop a building, and picks up a sizeable vanilla ice cream cone. Despite being praised by passer-bys, she's apparently none too impressed with singer Honour Titus, who gets a face full of frozen dessert late in the clip. Also to look out for is a quick cameo from the Strokes' Julian Casablancas, who also happens to run Cult Records.

You'll find the black and white video for the occasionally thrashy, though ultimately poppy new track video down below.