Celsium_137 Luminous

Celsium_137 continues throwing out their accessible synth pop sounds in their latest EP. Luminous actually features ten tracks, including remixes from groups like Imperative Reaction and Sweep as well as new material. Flesh Field’s take on "Frayed” is probably the most interesting track on the album, with a high energy blend of fast paced guitar and techno beats. A small multi-media package is also included, featuring a few photographs and a video for "The Weakener,” though these are hardly reasons to run out and grab this release. Overall, the disc lacks the nostalgic feel of their previous release, Elemental, and instead is a much more disjointed experience. Then again, for an EP there is a lot of material here and judging from this release fans will want to watch out for the group’s next LP. (Metropolis)