Cellos / Not Of Cellos / Not Of Split

Cellos / Not Of Cellos / Not Of Split
Cellos and Not Of are two bands that epitomize the No List Records cannon — noise rock bands that pay homage to the likes of Shallow North Dakota and Kittens, while also approaching the genre with a subtle twist. Their new release, Cellos / Not Of Split, pairs these two artist releasing their most contrasting music to date.
The Cellos end of the spectrum features some of their heaviest material to date. "Blight" is a steamroller of a track that hits you over the head with riff after riff, each seemingly heavier than the next; it may very well be the best song in the band's entire catalogue. "Head to Stone" is a noise rock affair featuring angular guitar noise and disjointed rhythms reminiscent of the band most recent full-length The Great Leap Backward.
The Not Of portion of the split brings in more of the melodic elements. With two tracks that were seemingly out of place with their previous release, Hypocritic Oath, the split proves to be a nice home for these melody-driven tracks. "Tectonic Plates" is a relentlessly optimistic song full of harmonious guitar sequences. "Invitation" follows along a similar trajectory, and lays on a earworm catchy chorus.
Cellos / Not Of Split is a very happy marriage of two very like-minded bands. If you are looking for noise rock with a more melodic twist, then this split is definitely worth a listen. (No List)