c.db.sn ...At The End Of It All

While certain elements of c.db.sn's sound palette are undeniably overly familiar, his new disc is nonetheless enjoyable. Drawing on the rhythmic approach of dubstep and the skittering syncopation of IDM, his warm synth patches, on the other hand, are more likely to evoke the widescreen, elegiac tones of Vangelis or Jarre. The sum actually reads a little like a more extroverted Bola: complex beats bisecting florid cinematic melodicism. Crisp and polished, everything is tidily programmed and executed, with plenty of clever nuances ― strident saw tooth melodies sing out over digitally chafed 8-bit beats. The main drawback is that stylistically, things feel a bit too safe. So, while this disc provides an accessible entry point for the uninitiated, or a great find for deeply invested fans, it doesn't offer the sort of innovation or idiosyncrasy needed to win back those who have grown weary of the well-worn tropes of IDM. (Tympanik Audio)