Cavern of Anti-Matter "Liquid Gate" (ft. Bradford Cox) (video)

Cavern of Anti-Matter 'Liquid Gate' (ft. Bradford Cox) (video)
Cavern of Anti-Matter's ranks already include Stereolab's Tim Gane and that project's onetime drummer Joe Dillworth, but why not throw some more prolific artists into the mix for their next Void Beats/Invocation Trex preview? Deerhunter/Atlas Sound gentleman Bradford Cox lent a helping hand to the record's shimmy-shaking "Liquid Gate," which is streaming now.

The track bristles into energetic territory from the jump, with a mix of conga drums, shakers and a '60s go-go backbeat surging beneath Cox's guest vocals about being "a useless kid in a useless town." The slightly psych-touched single plugs along with fuzzed-up guitar leads, while tab-tasting lava lamp visuals blast the throwback feel of the piece into overdrive.

You can check out the track via the trip-tastic video down below, while Cavern of Anti-Matter's debut album drops in full February 19 via Duophonic.