Causey Way With Loving And Open Arms

If the Reverend Jim Jones was heavily into Devo and had played in a band, then they probably would have sounded a lot like the Causey Way. Presenting itself as a religious cult, the Causey Way are out to recruit members with a mix of punky, Moog-driven, new wave silliness that has a strong theatrical element to it. Some songs have geeky, high-pitched male vocals, like the kick-off track “Message From the Pulpit,” while others have soothing female vocals, like the bizarre “Toys.” One of the first steps of any cult indoctrination is to confuse the potential member so badly they’re ready to believe any lies thrown at them. With a nonsensical doctrine that revolves around vague references to power and creepy Jonestown samples, it’s safe to say the disorientation stage is covered quite well here. With Loving And Open Arms will appeal to fans of bands like Servotron and Danielson, and the CD would be well supplemented by what’s probably a very involved stage show. (Alternative Tentacles)