Cathedral Reissue Classic Bout of Groove <i>The Ethereal Mirror</i>

BY Keith CarmanPublished Jun 3, 2009

Vocalist Lee Dorrian is a man of extremes. As any self-respecting metal fan knows, he's the one bellowing like a madman on Napalm Death's debut album, Scum. But once Dorrian grew tired of bellowing "You Suffer... But Why?" at the top of his lungs he went to the opposite side of the spectrum. Ditched were the overbearing speed and ravenous attack of Napalm Death and embraced was the droning, plodding, blues-influenced, Black Sabbath-esque meandering of his new band Cathedral.

Even that, however, was short lived. While the band's debut album, Forest of Equilibrium, fit the doom metal mould perfectly, they didn't truly take off until sophomore 1993 affair The Ethereal Mirror. Featuring upbeat, flavourful tunes such as "Midnight Mountain" and "Ride," the album caught on for its drastic swerve away from slow, melancholic doom. Over the years, it's become considered vital listening, a classic bout of groove.

That's why Earache Records has opted to re-release a deluxe version of The Ethereal Mirror on July 1. It not only boasts the album proper but also the three-song, 35-minute EP opus Statik Majik and a 40-minute documentary dubbed Ethereal Reflections, which chronicles the band's storied history, the recording of The Ethereal Mirror and an interview with long-time artwork collaborator Dave Patchett.

The Ethereal Mirror re-issue:

1. "Violet Vortex (Intro)"
2. "Ride"
3. "Enter the Worms"
4. "Midnight Mountain"
5. "Fountain of Innocence"
6. "Grim Luxuria"
7. "Jaded Entity"
8. "Ashes You Leave"
9. "Phantasmagoria"
10. "Imprisoned in Flesh"

Bonus disc featuring Statik Majik EP:

1. "Hypnos 164"
2. "Cosmic Funeral"
3. "The Voyage of the Homeless Sapien"

DVD chapters:

1. "Musical Progression"
2. "A Major Deal"
3. "Manor Studio"
4. "The Artwork"
5. "Tension Rising"
6. "Fashion Sense"
7. "Disco Doom"
8. "Exit Adam"
9. "Where Are You Now?"
10. "Reflections"

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