Cathedral Announce Live Album 'Anniversary,' Retire from Touring

Cathedral Announce Live Album 'Anniversary,' Retire from Touring
Long-running metal unit Cathedral have covered a lot of ground since starting up in the late '80s, from their earliest, molasses-slow doom metal dirges to their joint-blazin' stoner work, and an upcoming live set is poised to toast it all.

The outfit will deliver their first-ever live set, Anniversary, on November 21 via Rise Above/Metal Blade. The two-disc release was recorded in London last year and found the gloomy act trotting out their original lineup of singer Lee Dorrian, guitarists Garry Jennings and Adam Lehan, bassist Mark Griffiths and drummer Mike Smail to play their epic, haunting debut album Forest of Equilibrium in whole for the very first time. A second disc covers the rest of their career as performed by mainstays Dorrian and Jennings, as well as bassist Leo Smee and percussionist Brian Dixon.

In a press release, Dorrian expressed his excitement over Anniversary, but mixed those emotions with a twinge of regret, adding that Cathedral will soon be calling it a day, at least on the concert circuit. While it seems as if the band will keep things going in the studio, they'll play their last show ever on December 3 at London's Forum.

"Sad, because December the 3rd this year will be the night we perform our last show ever, before calling it a day as a live band," he confirmed. "So more than anything, we would like to dedicate Anniversary to everyone who has followed and supported Cathedral over the years. Your support really means and has meant the world to us. Thanks and stay heavy!"


Disc One - "Back to the Forest" 

1. "Picture Of Beauty And Innocence"
2. "Comiserating The Celebration (Of Life)"

3. "Ebony Tears"
4. "Serpent Eve"
5. "Soul Sacrifice"
6. "Funeral Request"
7. "Equilibrium"

8. "Reaching Happiness Touching Pain"

Disc Two - "Bleak Winter"

1. "Funeral Of Dreams"

2. "Enter The Worms"
3. "Upon Azrael's Wings"
4. "Midnight Mountain"
5. "Cosmic Funeral"

6. "Carnival Bizarre"
7. "Night Of The Seagulls"

8. "Corpsecycle"
9. "Ride"

10. "The Last Spire Pt. 1 (Entrance)"

11. "Vampire Sun"

12. "Hopkins"