Cassy / Various Simply Devotion

Long-time Berlin favourite and Perlon recording star Cassy mixes up a spotty collection of the year's unsung heroes for her latest Cocoon DJ mix, Simply Devotion. Amidst a sea of ever-evolving DJ technology, true pioneers like Cassy still massage the classic setup of two decks and a mixer to create memorable experiences on dance floors the world over. Cassy's formula is clearly apparent with this mix: a fusion of Detroit-influenced house juxtaposed with deep, brooding techno creates a journey that tries to defy the linear programming patterns we have come to expect from most of the world's top DJs. Although Simply Devotion has its shining moments, some programming choices Cassy makes leave much to be desired, which are magnified by poorly timed mixes and oddball track placement. Thankfully, rising stars like Trus'Me, STL and Linkwood lend stellar tracks to help Cassy glue this multi-genre mix together, giving the kingpins at Cocoon a much-needed breath of fresh air. (Cocoon)