Cash Audio The Orange Sessions

"You got blues in my punk! You got punk in my blues! Hey, they're two great tastes that taste great together!" Not a lot of bands even make it to album number four, but Cash Audio have managed to do it and also stay true to their basic Delta-meets-Lower-East-Side sound. The Orange Sessions is a testament to the fact that this Chicago drum and guitar duo are pushing their primitive, rocking sounds to their absolute limits. Upbeat and to the point, all the songs here highlight the fact that these are no weekend "blues punks" and that they have as good a grasp of the source material as their contemporaries Delta 72 and the Blues Explosion do. Standout tracks include the instrumental "Fast Forward," with its driving, tasty guitar and the melancholy, downbeat "My Home Is A Prison." While Cash Audio may not be the wildest, most reckless band of their genre, they do put out solid records suitable for playing at beer blasts and pig roasts. (Orange)