Carrigan Young Men Never Die

Carrigan are what I like to call "atmospheric rock.” As soon as a song starts, you feel engulfed in this thick air, as if you have entered a new environment. "We Give No Quarter” is like a wet forest during the day, with its panning synth notes peeking through like sunlight through tall trees, the trudging drum work acting as footsteps on the gravel. Whereas "Theodore” is definitely underwater, the maracas mimicking your heartbeat, the seaweed reaching up around your legs. Catch my drift? They take into account each element of the song. With small, stinging harmonics and little chiming cymbals, each instrument is aware of its boundaries and influence, and while this music is some of the cleanest and precise I have heard, it’s extremely refreshing. Largely post-rock in their ideas and Radiohead-esque with their energy, Carrigan possibly could be the band to put Northern Vermont on the indie rock the map. (Radar)