Carlos Giffoni Arrogance

Breaking its vinyl-only streak, Brooklyn’s No Fun Productions commits to aluminium a five-part ode to analogue noise. Giffoni, who has worked with Fe-Mail, Jim O’Rourke, Prurient and in the group Death Unit, spent downtime in 2006 improvising these pieces in his apartment on his analogue synth. Those expecting warm clouds and clever squiggles will encounter instead walls of oscillating white noise and what sounds like a submarine crippled by depth charges nearing the ocean floor. And so much for track one. Arrogance crosses thresholds of saturation more than those of volume, inducing a slight auditory nausea long before tinnitus would take hold. The rumble never settles on one frequency or density and the result is like a hit and run perpetrator reversing to take another crack. Giffoni wrings everything he can out of his keyboards until he reaches the denouement, appropriately titled "A Proper End.” (No Fun)