Caribou vs. Dundas, Ontario

Caribou vs. Dundas, Ontario
This could have a gone a lot differently. Not every musician gets a kick out of reminiscing about their none-too-exciting hometown (no offense, Dundas, you're still tops in my books!) by either revealing amusing secrets about their small-town past or making up outright lies about their knowledge of its history. Daniel Snaith, the man behind Caribou, seems to be one of those musicians who doesn't take himself so seriously that he can't spin a good yarn about an Earl he's never met, and for that, we thank him.

This interview happened the day after Caribou's first-of-two night stint at Lee's Palace in Toronto, and while Snaith was in good spirits, he expressed some dissatisfaction with the venue's sound from the night before. Clearly running a gauntlet of interviews, he remained engaged and engaging throughout our whole conversation, which is both impressive and just plain considerate; while it would have been impossible to know otherwise, the fact that we were eating / working / doing interviews in the same coffee shop made our habits pretty clear to each other. And let the record show that later that night, the sound at Lee's was perfect and the band was totally awesome.

Finally, if you're from the Dundas Tourism Board (does that exist?) or something, please get in touch with Exclaim! regarding opportunities to give us buckets of cash for more videos like this.

Check out a full interview with Snaith here on Wednesday.

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