Caribou Shares Expanded Version of 'Our Love'

Caribou Shares Expanded Version of 'Our Love'
Caribou's Dan Snaith delivered his excellent Our Love LP last year, then followed it up with an enormous 1,000-song mix called The Longest Mixtape. He's an endless source of material, apparently, as he's now shared an expanded version of Our Love.

The new version of the LP expands the original tracklisting with seven more songs. There's an extended mix of album opener "Can't Do Without You," a pair of remixes from Head High, a Cyril Hahn remix and more.

Both Head High remixes and Hahn's remix are available to stream below. Snaith discussed both in a statement:

The Cyril Hahn remix is a beautiful ethereal slowed-down version of 'Second Chance' and came about in the way that many of my favourite remixes from this album did: Cyril made a bootleg mix from the album version which caught my attention and I loved it and sent him the parts to finish for the full released version.

The Head High remixes illustrate the prowess of one of house and techno's don's - Germany's René Pawlowitz aka Head High aka Shed aka Wax aka WK7 aka Evil Fred aka The Traveller aka Wax aka... I've been hammering Head High's tunes in my DJ sets (alongside everyone else) for years. He's infallible—almost inhumanly so. His tracks reliably pulverize everything in their path.

The expanded edition of Our Love is available now on iTunes.

Our Love (Expanded Edition):

1. Can't Do Without You
2. Silver
3. All I Ever Need
4. Our Love
5. Dive
6. Second Chance
7. Julia Brightly
8. Mars
9. Back Home
10. Your Love Will Set You Free
11. Can't Do Without You (Extended Mix)
12. Your Love Will Set You Free (c2's Set U Free RMX)
13. Second Chance (Cyril Hahn Edit)
14. Mars (Head High's Core Remix)
15. Mars (Head High's Venus Remix)
16. Our Love (Daphni Mix)
17. Can't Do Without You (Tale of Us & Mano Le Tough Remix)