Caribou 'The Longest Mixtape: 1000 Songs for You' (mixtape)

Caribou 'The Longest Mixtape: 1000 Songs for You' (mixtape)
After a stunning 2014 with Our LoveCaribou's Dan Snaith has decided to keep the love flowing by sharing an enormous mixtape with his fans.

The truly epic playlist runs for a staggering 1,000 songs. Snaith shared the following statement with the release:

The last few years of my life have been incredible, thanks in large part to all of you - so I've been thinking of how to say thank you.
As you can imagine, music has been a central love of my life since I was a teenager and over the years I've been introduced to a lot that has stayed with me. I've collected the majority of that music here – and I thought sharing it with you seemed like one way I could say thanks.

I'm sure some things are under-represented or over-represented, but roughly speaking this is a musical history of my life. Of course a lot of this music has come to me through my friends - thank you to Koushik, Kieran, Jeremy, Gary, Brandon, Jason, Sam, Ketan, Ryan, Toby and many others...

Also, please share music with me that you think I would like but is not included here, in the hope this becomes a dialogue rather than a monologue.

I suggest you listen to this on shuffle as I made no attempt to sequence these tracks - I just entered them as I browsed along the shelves in my record collection. If you see dead links or duplicate songs please tweet me @caribouband.

Due to a fault in youtube's playlist coding if you embed this playlist it will be truncated down to 200 tracks. Hopefully they will resolve that at some point but for now if you want to hear all 1000 songs you need to listen at the link below.

I hope you find something to enjoy here. Thanks,

For the first 200 tracks in the playlist, stream the embedded player below. For the full, enormous batch of songs, go here.