Carcass "Unfit for Human Consumption" (video)

Carcass 'Unfit for Human Consumption' (video)
It's been a banner year for Carcass, who delivered their much-acclaimed Surgical Steel LP earlier this fall. But, jeez, it looks like the gore-grind quartet are having a rough go of things in the choppy new video for the LP's "Unfit for Human Consumption."

Set, naturally, in an operating room, we see a surgeon (actually former drummer Ken Owen) eerily pawing at his silvery tools of the trade as the band lunge into their nefarious number nearby. All's not as it seems, though, as we learn the limbs delivering those nasty riffs aren't necessarily attached to the members' bodies, while vocalist Jeff Walker's face gets progressively more weathered and stitched-up as the video goes along.

Hopefully the band will be back in shape by 2014 for their tour with Black Dahlia Murder and Gorguts. For now, though, you can peep the formaldehyde-reeking putrefaction of the players down below.