Captain Murphy "Cosplay"

Captain Murphy 'Cosplay'
While yesterday (August 14), we learned the creepy origin story of rap villain Captain Murphy (a.k.a. Flying Lotus), the start of the weekend has brought us some new music from the rhyming cult figure. As part of Adult Swim's 2014 singles series, he's just offered up "Cosplay."

The second ASSS freebie from the Captain, following last year's "Between Villains," starts up with a spoken intro praising the rapper as the god of raw creativity. A dark clank kicks off the track proper before launching into a basement lounge arrangement of walking bass and spine-shivering theremin. Possibly Murphy's least vocal effect-heavy set of bars, it has him going off on selfies and perverts in periwinkle shirts, while praising a girl that likes nerding it up via cosplay.

Light a vigil for the godly rap creep and stream the song below, while keeping in mind that the track won't be available to download until Monday (August 18). Also, don't forget that FlyLo has his You're Dead! LP coming our way October 7 through Warp.