Captain Murphy "Between Friends" (ft. Earl Sweatshirt) / "The Prisoner" (live video)

Captain Murphy 'Between Friends' (ft. Earl Sweatshirt) / 'The Prisoner' (live video)
Last week, experimental beatmaker Flying Lotus outed himself as the mysterious Captain Murphy at his debut show at Los Angeles' Airliner club, and now you can see the footage of the big reveal.

Of the vids that have now surfaced, you can see Captain Murphy, gussied up in a cape and balaclava ensemble, spitting alongside Earl Sweatshirt for Duality tune "Between Friends" to a beyond hyped-up crowd. Murphy goes solo for "The Prisoner," which finds the pitch-shifted spitter ripping off his ski-mask to show the world who he really is.

You can see the crowd go bananas for both clips down below.