Can to Deliver Vinyl Version of 'The Lost Tapes'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 26, 2012

Earlier this year, Krautrock visionaries Can dropped jaws with Can: The Lost Tapes, an unreal treasure trove that showcased oodles of unreleased outtakes, soundtrack work and live recordings. As fancy as the CD box set was, ardent audiophiles no doubt wondered when the 30-song set would be delivered on wax. Those details have now been shared, and you can nab the analogue edition December 3 via Mute.

Aside from housing five 180-gram LPs, featuring tracks plucked from over 50 hours of newly discovered archival material, the vinyl box set will also include a 24-inch poster and a 28-page booklet. You can pre-order the set here.

As previously reported, Can: The Lost Tapes was compiled by the band's Irmin Schmidt and musician Jono Podmore. The collection showcases material recorded between 1968 and 1977 that was uncovered when the German Rock N Pop museum relocated from Weilerswist (a location that used to be Can's personal recording studio) to Grunau.

"Obviously the tapes weren't really lost, but were left in the cupboards of the studio archives for so long everybody just forgot about them," Schmidt previously said of the uncovered reels in a statement. "Everybody except [Irmin's wife] Hildegard, who watches over Can and its work like the dragon over the gold of the Nibelungen and doesn't allow forgetting."

You can watch a newly released trailer for the vinyl set down below.

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