Can Give 'Tago Mago' Expanded Reissue, Ready New Box Sets

Can Give 'Tago Mago' Expanded Reissue, Ready New Box Sets
Forty years ago, venerable Kraut rockers Can released their best-known work in 1971's Tago Mago. To celebrate this milestone, the album will receive a deluxe reissue from Mute/Spoon Records.

The expanded version of Tago Mago will include a bonus disc of live material from 1972. The double CD set will also be packaged with the album's original artwork (see above), which hasn't come with the album since 1971.

But wait, there's more -- in early 2012, Can will offer up a sprawling box set that will include remastered versions of the band's 14 albums on both vinyl and CD, as well as a previously unreleased live album on vinyl, a newly remastered version of Out of Reach and a ton of liner notes. The box set will be available for pre-order in October.

If you have any money left after that, Can's unreleased studio, soundtrack and live material will be issued as part of the Lost Tapes box in March of 2012. That set was curated by Irmin Schmidt and Daniel Miller and compiled by Jono Podmore.

In the meantime, the tracklisting for the Tago Mago reissue is available below. The release will be available on November 14 in the UK.

Tago Mago:

Disc one:

1. "Paperhouse"

2. "Mushroom"

3. "Oh Yeah"

4. "Halleluwah"

5. "Aumgn"

6. "Peking O"

7. "Bring Me Coffee Or Tea"

Disc two:

 1. "Mushroom" (live 1972)

2. "Spoon" (live 1972)

3. "Halleluwah" (live 1972)

Can - Bring Me Coffee Or Tea by Mute UK