Camera Obscura Team Up with Richard Hawley for Split Seven-Inch

Camera Obscura Team Up with Richard Hawley for Split Seven-Inch
Despite still basking in the critical glow of their 2009 effort My Maudlin Career, Scottish indie pop darlings Camera Obscura have announced new recorded material: a split seven-inch of mutual covers with one-time Pulp member and esteemed solo artist Richard Hawley.

Due May 17 in the UK from 4AD, the "The Nights Are Cold"/"The Sweetest Thing" split will feature Camera Obscura on the A-side covering one of their favourite Hawley tunes, "The Nights Are Cold," while the flip will have Hawley's remix of the band's My Maudlin Career track "The Sweetest Thing."

In a statement, Camera Obscura pianist/vocalist Carey Lander said this to say of the joint venture: "I think the first time I heard of Richard Hawley was when our album Biggest Bluest Hifi came second to his Late Night Final as the Best Album of the Year in some Spanish awards thing. I borrowed the album from Kenny and listened to it, hoping it would be rubbish so I could dismiss it and proclaim dramatically that we'd been robbed. Unfortunately, it was the record to have most excited me on a first listen ever. It went straight on repeat, I wrote him an email of gushing admiration and phoned Tracyanne to tell her I'd heard something amazing and would bring it round to her house as soon as possible. Tackling a song from a record we love so much was quite daunting but I hope you like our version and enjoy the coupling of it with his remix of us."

Camera Obscura will be busy the next few months touring the U.S., UK, Brazil and Mexico as they hit up festivals like the Pavement-curated All Tomorrow's Parties, Coachella and Sasquatch.

The band's long list of tour dates can be found at the 4AD site here.