Camera Obscura "Troublemaker" (video)

Camera Obscura 'Troublemaker' (video)
Glaswegian pop outfit Camera Obscura's modern-sounding fifth full-length, Desire Lines, only dropped a few months ago. But when it came time to create a new video for album standout "Troublemaker," the quintet decided to look to the past, creating a promo clip that recalls the British sci-fi programs of their youth.

Inspired by the likes of Tom Baker-era Doctor Who, Blake 7 and ITV's The Tomorrow People, the video was shot on the cheap to fully capture the song's '80s sound, according to longtime director Blair Young, while saving the band money along the way.

"'Troublemaker' is a tribute to the British sci-fi of yesteryear, low budget and futuristic in an '80s way," he says. "We hope we've done these shows justice and it recreates a feel that made geeks of so many of us back in the day."

The video also acts as a "postcard" to the band's native Glasgow, with the band running amok in the town's countryside and popular urban locales.

See for yourself by visiting the video in the player below.