Calliope Sounds Like Circles Feel

Considering that Calliope was the muse of epic poetry, there seem to be some high aims among the musicians, but this music is by far too intimate and hushed to be called epic. Give due patience to the songs, and rewards can be found in this rather relaxing, lulling slice of gentle indie rock. Considering their circumstances, Calliope seems to be a band about music and patience, rather than immediate satisfaction. Approaching their tenth year as a band and this being their fifth album, these seem like musicians who follow their hearts, which is amazing since they continue to live and work in the cultural wonderland that is East Lansing, Michigan. Navigating through the first track, which is the weakest — thus defying conventional CD tracking wisdom — it is "Sunny08” that gives the best feel to Calliope. With the gravel-y-voiced Jason Lantrip singing over some lovely electric strums and echoed trumpets in the background, it is here Calliope starts to bloom. All is not doom and gloom, though, as "By the River” moves up the tempo, even adding in some freeform electronics to further the eclectic feel. In contrast to the album’s beginning, it is on the last track, the instrumental "It’s Later Than I Thought,” that beauty is achieved. A wonderful waltz of muted trumpets, hushed percussion and slight guitar, it may come the closest to fulfilling the sounds that the title promises. Long may East Lansing inspire them, as their titular muse did for the Greeks. (Thick)