Calgary's Woodpigeon Line Up New Album for 2010

Calgary's Woodpigeon Line Up New Album for 2010
Calgary's foremost orchestral pop proprietors, Woodpigeon, are ready once more to make twee hearts swoon with the news that their full-length follow-up to 2008's Treasury Library Canada is ready for release. It's called Die Stadt Muzikanten and will drop via Canadian independent Boompa Records on January 12.

For the album's 15 tracks, Woodpigeon singer/songwriter Mark Andrew Hamilton paired up with producer Arran Fisher, and according to the press release, made the songs "move and contort like a film soundtrack. Lush, grand moments complement Mark's signature, cinematic, 'pretty-pretty-pop' sound."

The press release also tells us that Hamilton was influenced by his recent stay in Germany, where he got in touch with his roots and researched his family tree. So, if you're wondering about that title, which means "the City Musicians," there you go.

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Die Stadt Muzikanten:

1. "Die Stadt Muzikanten"

2. "Woodpigeon vs. Eagleowl (Strength in Numbers)"

3. "Empty-Hall Sing-Along"

4. "Morningside"

5. "My Denial In Argyle"

6. "Enchantée Janvier"

7. "Such A Lucky Girl"

8. "Unmissable Grey, Mixed Paint"

9. "Duck Duck Goose"

10. "Spirehouse"

11. "Redbeard"

12. "The Street Noise Gives You Away"

13. "...And as the Ship Went Down, You'd Never Looked Finer"

14. "The Pesky Druthers (Parts 1 & 2)"

15. "Our Love is as Tall as the Calgary Tower"