Calgary's Canada Boy Vinyl Pressing Plant Ceases Operations

Calgary's Canada Boy Vinyl Pressing Plant Ceases Operations
In 2015, things looked hopeful for musicians hoping to get vinyl pressed in Western Canada when a Calgary pressing plant called Canada Boy Vinyl opened its doors. While the plant drew some criticism for its "dirtbag special" that allowed people to press records without test pressings, many saw it as a welcome new alternative for independent musicians looking to get their music on wax. Now, with little explanation, the plant has closed.

In early December, a post appeared on Canada Boy's Facebook page explaining that it was ceasing operations until the new year. A handful of angry customers responded to the post, frustrated that their records would be delayed. Days later, the Canada Boy Facebook page was deleted altogether. 

Last week, a handful of Reddit users expressed their frustration with the plant, explaining that their phone calls were going unreturned and their emails to the plant's employees were bouncing.

Today (January 3), Exclaim! reached out to the company's "commanding officer" Dean Reid and received an automated reply confirming that the plant will not be reopening.

UPDATE (01/05, 1:50 p.m. EST): According to various reports, a lawyer's letter in the window of Canada Boy Vinyl states the company owes $66,000 in unpaid rent.

The statement arrives six months after Canada Boy partnered with Viryl to up its vinyl production.

Read the full statement from Reid below and stay tuned for further updates.

Hi Everyone,

This New Year brings bad news. It is with great sadness that I must report that we do not expect CBV to be able to continue operations.I know you are all looking for updates and answers and my intention is to give everyone an official report by January 9th and hopefully sooner.

I promise you that I will be updating everyone with the information as soon as it comes in to me. I am moving as fast as possible as I know you all have deadlines to meet and records to sell. You are all extremely important to me.

Thank you for your patience this week as we construct a move forward plan that is in everyones best interest.

You will be notified.