Calgary's Canada Boy Vinyl Skips Test Presses to Offer "Dirtbag Special"

Calgary's Canada Boy Vinyl Skips Test Presses to Offer "Dirtbag Special"
There's no denying that the rise of unnecessary gimmick releases has put the pinch on small Canadian labels hoping to press small runs of vinyl records. Hopefully, however, that's about to change, as Calgary's Canada Boy Vinyl company has just launched its website with a special offer of low-run vinyl records.

Using some phrasing not uncommon among Calgary rockers, the company has unveiled its "Dirtbag Special." The offer features three different increments of 12-inch vinyl record orders. You can press 300 black LPs with labels and packaging for $1,899, 200 records for $1,649 and 100 records for $1,299. Additionally, all orders will also include tax and shipping.

The company promises to deliver its pressings "SUPER CHEAP AND SUPER FAST." One way it's doing that is by skipping the test pressing step. "There are so many set up costs involved in getting your record to test pressing phase, that to turn the machines off after doing 5-10 TP's just doesn't make sense," the company writes. "If you were to keep going for another 100 to 300 records, the order would be done in three hours instead of three weeks."

It promises to keep things clean by having a team of three experts test the records for sound quality and defects three times before pressing.

Commanding officer Dean Reid explained the Dirtbag Special with the following statement:

Have you ever spent a whole weekend soundproofing your dad's garage only to have the cops show up 30 seconds into your first song? I have. Have you ever gotten on stage only to hear your lead guitar player announce to the crowd "does anyone have a pick I can borrow?" Been there.

Have you ever boiled your bass strings the night before a gig because you didn't have enough money to buy new ones? Yep.

Have you ever spent three weeks frantically jamming for your first gig ever, only to play to an audience of four people, all of whom were your friends that came to help set up? Hells yeah you did.

Those dirtbag days were the best days of my life.

Trust in the power of the Dirtbag.