Calgary's HiFi Cabinet Co. Launches Unique Vinyl Record Storage Crate Line

It’s not your daddy’s milk crate. For the records that move you

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished May 17, 2024

As the vinyl lovers at HiFi Cabinet Company know, it's been decades since we've been able to find or use our fast fingers (a.k.a steal) to remove the old milk or pop crate from the back of the 7-Eleven. To remedy that, the company has unveiled a new line of uniquely stylish record storage crates.

The Calgary-based company, whose mission is to restore and preserve the love of vinyl, released four colours of storage crates along with accompanying accessories like wheels and stacking pins for portability. So now you can roll them out or stack them high.

As vintage items and clothing circle back around in the cycle of mainstream popularity, HiFi's Creative Director, Tony Smith, has said that the crates were designed with the growing population of vinyl collectors in mind. 

"We've all known of people who have hundreds of records, mass collections. The crate is a pop culture vintage item returning to mainstream popularity," Tony explains. "People are looking to accentuate their collection with vintage storage — that's where the HiFi Cabinet Company comes in." 

HiFi vinyl record storage crates separate themselves from the pack via their versatility in storage and manoeuvrability. They fit 12-inch albums, double LPs in archival sleeves and box sets. They're on sale now at HiFi Cabinet Company's official website, where you can also find apparel and accessories.

If you're not an online shopper, you can also find the black crates, labelled Noir Duke, at local record stores. HiFi is donating $1 from every product sold to help local music initiatives.

Overall, HiFi Cabinet Co. has positioned itself well to meet the needs of vinyl enthusiasts while also tapping into the resurgence of interest in vintage items and clothing. Music lovers and collectors will love these stylish and functional storage crates while shopping for a new addition to their vinyl collection.

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