Cabaret Homophobia

Poland may not be known for its more mainstream alternative offerings but Cabaret obviously seek to change that. This duet comprised of Jaroslaw Pawlik and Michal Bieniek combine a vocal style that would be well at home on North American alternative radio (think Pet Shop Boys and others of that ilk) with more electronic melodies and beats, the band manage to come up with a sound that is both diverse and fresh. And while one might think that combining these two disparate musical genres might result in something awkward, the whole of Homophobia ends up sounding and feeling natural and organic despite the group’s use of digital technology. Keeping the tempo slow to middling, nothing on the album is going to get your body out onto the dance floor, but that doesn’t seem to be the intention here either. There’s certainly enough variety over the 11 tracks on the disc to sustain the listener’s interest, the denser and more frenetic offerings like "Be On Standby” make way for sad recollections of "Butterfly With No Address” and the piano-driven strains of "Song For Berlin.” Cabaret’s Pawlik and Bieniek are talented and disciplined musicians; this combined with their fresh arrangements and sleek production make Homophobia an accomplished piece of work and one destined to grow on you over multiple listens. (Artoffact)