Business Hardcore Hooligan

Punk rock isn’t dead; it’s just a little older, fatter, and unhealthier. The lads in the Business have been kicking the street punk can down the avenues and alleyways for well over 20 years now and Hardcore Hooligan is just another chapter in their aural shit-kicking. Sure, the days of "Harry May,” "Smash the Discos,” "Guttersnipe” and "Suburban Rebels” are long gone, but the band hasn’t slowed down or lost their ability for writing working class anthems. Moreover, it seems a little apparent that the Business must have written the entire album in the pub while watching football, since practically every song on this release is about football and the pub. Matter of fact, it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear pints of ale clanging in the background, or to find out that the band recorded the entire album in there. But, then again, isn’t that what the Business are all about? Cheers! (BYO)