Burzum Reportedly Banned on eBay

Burzum Reportedly Banned on eBay
Varg Vikernes's guilty verdict last month in his racial hatred trial has begun to affect the music marketplace, with news that online auction house eBay has banned the sales of Burzum albums.

Metal Sucks reports that a reader approached them under condition of anonymity to explain that eBay had recently flagged two Burzum releases they had planned on putting up for sale, with the company citing their Offensive Material Policy for blocking the auctions.

"eBay's Offensive Material Policy prohibits items and listing contents associated with groups that may promote hatred, violence or intolerance," the eBay statement to the reader read. "Based on references of particular organizations in your listing, we have determined this listing likely violates our policy. If the item itself is not affiliated with a particular organization, you may relist without referencing that group's name. Thanks for your attention on this matter."

The attempted auctioneer later called up eBay, which confirmed that it had made the decision to no longer sell items related to the black metal unit. It will apparently take a while before eBay is Burzum free, as there are still a number of listings for CDs, T-shirts and various other items tied to Vikernes and the band. The site's plans are to filter out the controversial items in the near future.

It should be noted that Burzum items are still readily available through online retailers like Amazon and iTunes.