Burnt Friedman Drops 'Bokoboko' LP

Burnt Friedman Drops 'Bokoboko' LP
Long-running German IDM master Burnt Friedman has had his knob-twiddling hands in the game for decades, releasing countless solo records and collaborations. Most recently, he has been working with Jaki Liebezeit on the Secret Rhythms series, which saw its fourth edition released last year. Now Friedman has returned to the solo game with a brand new record.

The new offering is called Bokoboko and sees the artist expanding on previous ideas by utilizing real-life instruments in his programmed compositions. As a press release explains, "It is no longer a question of mixing, simulating or faking genres that already exist -- the aim is to invent music that is extra-territorial, non-national, non-place."

It's a lofty endeavour to be sure, but we'll soon found out if it worked or not as Bokoboko was just released on CD and vinyl on Friday (February 3) via Nonplace Records.


1. "Rimuse 2"

2. "Uzu"

3. "Deku No Bo"

4. "Sendou"

5. "Totan Yane"

6. "Tom Tom Keppo"

7. "Mura"

8. "Bokoboko"

9. "Rimuse 3"

10. "Memai"