The Burning Hell Attempt World Record for the Most Shows in the Most Countries in 24 Hours

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 7, 2012

For one reason or another, musicians seem to be obsessed with breaking records these days. World records, that is. Jack White recently got into a war of words with Guinness World Records, the Melvins announced their goal to play the fastest U.S. tour ever, and now Canadian indie folk unit the Burning Hell are getting into the action. The band's upcoming European tour finds the group aiming to play the most shows in the most countries in a single day.

A press release explains that the Burning Hell will be playing ten shows between Germany and Slovenia. Unfortunately, despite the lofty goals, the bands trip won't be under consideration for Guinness. The organization's regulations stipulate that for their tour to be eligible, they must tour by commercial flights and play venues that fit at least 300 people.

Despite being ineligible, the group will mark their unofficial feat by filming the spree of shows for an upcoming documentary.

German musician Vincente Patiz currently holds the Guinness record for eight performances in as many countries, while American guitarist Jeff Aug holds the unofficial record at nine.

Tour dates:

7/6 19:00: Aachen, Germany - Hotel Europa

7/6 20:15: Maastricht, Netherlands - JVE

7/6 21:15: Liège, Belgium - L'An Vert (Festival Les Barbantes)

7/6 23:45: Luxembourg-Ville, Luxembourg - Le Rocas

7/7 1:15: Metz, France - l'Astrophone

7/7 7:00: Trogen, Switzerland - Viertel

7/7 8:30: Vaduz, Liechtenstein - Trou Noir

7/7 11:00: Innsbruck, Austria - Down Town Sound

7/7 15:00: Verona, Italy - Casetta Lou Fai

7/7 18:30: Šmartno (Goriška Brda), Slovenia

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