Burn Rome in a Dream True If Destroyed, True If Not Destroyed

Leaning more toward grooves than the usual quiet-loud crowd, Burn Rome in a Dream find their instrumental inspirations in both jazz rhythms and languid grooves that bring forth some stirring moments, but also leave some the songs feeling a little heavy-handed. Band member Kristian Galberg is also part of Sea Snakes, and their light pop touch informs some of these songs, like opener "Young Lawyer,” but BRIAD is, at its heart, a different beast. The epic "Dawn of Man” touches on bits of prog and jazz, but really it just floats along with the slightest of climaxes, feeling like TNT-era Tortoise. Closer "The Better G” brings the most intense moments as the slow build and interplay of repeating guitars is the closest BRIAD get to blowing out the speakers, and it’s a bit of shame, as the intensity is very palpable. BRIAD may not be saying anything groundbreaking or new, but, paradoxically, they make the most of their both lazy and disciplined sound to make the listener stand to attention. (Die!Venom)