Burial Shares 12-Minute Single "Chemz"

Listen to his new mix ahead of the EP's release next year
Burial Shares 12-Minute Single 'Chemz'
Burial has shared another new song following the release of his latest collaborative tracks with Four Tet and Radiohead's Thom Yorke. His new mix "Chemz," backed with "Dolphinz," will be released on physical editions on April 2 "or thereabouts."

Today, you can listen to the "hooky, rushy and loved up" new single, "Chemz," a song described as "an unhinged premonition of unleashed post-pandemic joy and a demonic flashback to past ecstasies in a hardcore style perfected in the UK." "Dolphinz" will arrive on the EP's release date. 

Burial's most recent full-length album was Tunes 2011-2019.

Listen to "Chemz" below.