Burial Delivers "Pre Dawn" / "Indoors" 12-inch

You can hear the two new tracks right now
Burial Delivers 'Pre Dawn' / 'Indoors' 12-inch
Having already delivered singles "Subtemple" / "Beachfires" and "Rodent" this year, Burial has now returned with a third release as 2017 begins to wind down.

A little bit past its initially suggested October release date, the producer's new 12-inch record featuring "Pre Dawn" and "Indoors" arrives today through Nonplus.

The new tracks feature plenty of callbacks to Burial's trademark sonics, while also leaning more towards danceable sounds. The aforementioned "Subtemple" / "Beachfires" and "Rodent" singles both arrived via Hyperdub.

Hear both "Pre Dawn" and "Indoors"  below.