Buraka Som Sistema / Various

Fabriclive 49

BY Marinko JarebPublished Jan 22, 2010

Buraka Som Sistema came up in the early and magic days of MySpace, when the community was tight enough that they managed to catch the attention of Diplo, Sinden and eventually MIA, who became a co-conspirator. Their sound is a hyper-fusion of broken beats, straightforward thump and anthemic rave sounds made modern with a slight twist of Portuguese via Angolan techno heads. One can imagine a warehouse full of Technicolor kid robot toys bouncing around at full tilt to the third world sonic whirlwind at an ultra-pop rave hosted by Warhol's ghost, conducting the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. Inspired by Kudro, a micro-genre with an explosive start and a quick regression back into the underworld of dance music, Buraka Som Sistema's outing for Fabric comes across as enthusiastic, very young and so full of spunk that, at times, it's to the point of eruption.

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