Bunka Busta Rocket Roller Coaster

I really wanted to like this Basement Jaxx-y disco funk melange of influences produced in Canada but after a few listens, it refused to divert from the escapist, pervy rubbish this album makes a good show of representing. If super-sexualised money club music is your thing, you may like Bunka Busta. But to listeners seeking substance, music that equates good vibes with shallowness will get boring. "Party Jumpin’” is successfully produced party music that takes a couple interesting musical sidetracks but remains lyrically dull and tedious ("Get my people, get my party, get my people party jumpin’”). "Discofrenik” has a somewhat humorous sample lead-in about disco zombie hypnosis. Of all the songs, "Watermelonbubblegum” and "My Disco Monkey” are the best, with their frenetic cool speeds striking some wholly funkin’ chords. The album is decently produced. Bunka Busta’s live concept is to layer guitars and vocals over beats. This is not a new concept (Cirrus did it well in 1999) but in the DJ-centric electronic production circuit we know, it’s refreshing. (Milagro)