Bullion "Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee"

Bullion 'Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee'
Ever since Danger Mouse fused the Beatles and Jigga Man for The Grey Album, any album is as vulnerable as a gazelle on the African plains. Few of these mash-ups deliver the quality that such an idea promises, but Bullion, a DJ from Acton, England, has transformed the Beach Boys' classic 1966 album into a whole new masterpiece. With beats taken from Jay Dee's massive collection, Bullion doesn't use all of Pet Sounds per se, falling in and out of the original, while filling the rest with diverse arrangements and various covers. In its brisk 25 minutes, there are plenty of moments where it sounds like something entirely of its own, thanks to Bullion's baby-butt smooth mixing. It's another outstanding tribute to the late producer, and "god only knows" Dilla would have been up for a bootleg as inspired as this.

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