Buildings Negative Sound

Buildings Negative Sound
Minneapolis trio Buildings return with their latest offering, Negative Sound, which sees the band further expand on their noise rock sound with catchy hooks and melodic guitar leads, bringing some accessibility to the noise rock genre.
For a record built on a foundation on dissonance and fuzz, there are plenty of melodic lines to hold the record together. From the quirky melodies of "Sit With It," "Bear the Dog" and "Dying NASA Scientist," there are plenty of melodic elements. The highlight in this regard is "Thumb in the Eye," which operates as a harmonious push and pull of dissonance and melody.
Buildings love to mess around with the beat and timing, and this record is no exception. From the interplay between the drums and guitar on "Felt Like a Perfume" to the strain on "Piss Up a Flagpole," Negative Sound has enough interesting moments to keep the listener on their feet.
With everything from buzzsaw riffs, pummelling drums and rhythmic interplay, Negative Sound has all of the elements of an amazing noise rock record. (Gilead Media)