The Bug "Void" (ft. Grouper) / "Function" (ft. Manga)

The Bug 'Void' (ft. Grouper) / 'Function' (ft. Manga)
Bleak beatmaker Kevin Martin has set to revisit his project the Bug with the forthcoming Angels & Devils LP. We've already sampled some of the release, and now we get more with two more tastes.

Album opener "Void" was surely one of the most anticipated tracks from the release, particularly for those who wondered how Grouper's Liz Harris would sound when blended with the Bug's dark beats. As it turns out, her haunting vocals work well in the electronic sphere.

While "Void" is admittedly softer, "Function" is a brash banger complete with huge horns, hard-hitting drums and quick rapping from Manga. Together, the two songs demonstrate the diversity of the Bug's upcoming project.

Stream both songs below via FACT. Angels & Devils will arrive on August 26 via Ninja Tune.