Buffalo Springfield Quash Hopes for Reunion Tour

Buffalo Springfield Quash Hopes for Reunion Tour
Buffalo Springfield member Richie Furay had hoped he and his bandmates would come through on their previously planned reunion tour, which was postponed last fall, but a recent interview with the musician revealed that the band are back on hiatus.

Speaking with New York radio station WBAI [via Rolling Stone, Furay said that while he was previously optimistic to get things going again with Stephen Stills and Neil Young, it seems some of his old bandmates aren't as interested in touring at the moment. He is still holding out for some dates at a later time, though.

"I was actually told, 'We're doing this 30-day tour,'" he explained. "And, you know, Neil is just fickle and even though it boils down to all three of us making a decision... without the three of us, really there can't be anything that would even resemble a Buffalo Springfield... I gotta say that we probably lost a little bit of our momentum; that isn't to say it couldn't be picked up again, but I certainly don't see anything happening this year."

Stills had previously seemed leery about the proposed 30-day stretch due to health issues, exclaiming, "Thirty-plus? Well, they better have a break. Cause if we have this much trouble with six, I can't imagine 30."

Whatever the status of Buffalo Springfield, Young is still back in reunion mode, having recently announced new material with his on-again, off-again band of brothers Crazy Horse.