Buffalo Springfield Promise 30-Date North American Tour

Buffalo Springfield Promise 30-Date North American Tour
After Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay reignited their Buffalo Springfield project for a one-off show late last year, the speculation of a full-on reunion has been in the air. David Crosby suggested that the group might embark on a proper North American tour this fall, and now that news has been confirmed.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Furay promised that a North American tour was being booked. "The plan is to do 30 dates this fall," he said. "The anchors will be Los Angeles and New York. What the other cities are, I can't tell you right now -- but we're almost certainly doing Red Rocks."

While that doesn't mean much for Canadian fans just yet, a trip from Los Angeles to New York could very well include some northern stops. Even if they don't make it to our country, it might be worth the trip to catch the band, as they're planning to keep the shows intimate with relatively smaller venues.

"We want to keep it a little more intimate," Furay added. "Rather than going out and playing a huge something..."

 Aside from the touring plans, Buffalo Springfield will be releasing some sort of material, though the details remain unclear. When asked if the band would record new material at a press conference, Furay said, "I've learned never say never... Right now our focus has been on, 'Okay, let's get the foundation.' If we don't have the foundation, then there's nothing to build from. So I would think as we're projecting and looking towards the fall, doing another tour, certainly new songs, collaborations... It's all possible."

For now, there will definitely be a new Buffalo Springfield box set called Buffalo Springfield Complete. The details for that release have yet to be announced, but it will compile all three of the band's studio albums and is expected soon.